The Broken Toy Club@The Hideaway, Archway, London

Tues 10th July 2007

Sam writes: So, our second outing as The Vince Rogers Project. I can report back that it is really quite nice and very friendly.

Very cute little bar with good pizzas upstairs and proper sound and competent mixing in the basement where the music is. A more civilised venue, other acts also interesting (Kat Flint was very good) so overall a good night, and sparked off some thoughts on how we can improve the set.

Some different bits of tunes fell out of Vince's laptop to last time just to keep us on our toes and I still remembered most of the lyrics! Technology eh.........

Now on to Leonard's next Wednesday – bit worried about the techno nature of the bands on before and after us but such is life……..please, please do brave it if you can so we can plead with the nice man to put us on with more appropriate acts next time because we are so popular : )
Otherwise see you soon, maybe at a venue near you!