The Klinker Club@The Ivy House, 40 Stuart Rd, London SE15

Thurs 27th Sept 07

Vince writes: So, another visit to a Klinker. I approached this one with some trepidation. The last time we were here I had to poke around in the PA with a hot soldering iron. But this time the Public Address system functioned perfectly and we were able to address the public to good effect.

Thanks to all who came. I've mentioned before that we often play to complete silence from the crowd. They're either rapt or comatose; I'm hoping the former. But this time the attention paid was so intense I heard a clattering behind me only to discover a pin had fallen onto the stage.

Another thing I like about the Ivy House - gold lame!

Sam stares down the audience
Vince in gold lame heaven