So, a technological breakthru...our first gig where all the bits came out of the laptop/keyboard, and even when we expected them - hurrah! I can only think that this bodes well as an omen for the forthcoming release of our album "Lily Rose Petunia" which is being pressed as I write.

We were in the small room at Leonard's which didn't leave a lot of room for audience. Thank you to everyone who came, stood throughout and even seemed to enjoy it : ) It was a hard task to follow the enthusiastic Italian dance beats of Flowerpeace with avant garde songs about death but I think we made our mark - we even had Flowerpeace clapping along to our set!

So, on to the eclectic Klinker Club @ The Ivy House, 40 Stuart Rd SE15 next week on Thurs 2 Aug. £5/£3 Starts 9pm.

See you there with Mr Cabbagehead.


Leonard's, Clerkenwell, London

Wed 18th July 2007